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Pregnancy & Labour Massage (70 mins £50)

Being pregnant is a wonderful thing and a massage during pregnancy offers an incredible “me time” experience for the expectant mother and a reduction in stress levels for both mother and baby.

During pregnancy, a woman may put on somewhere between 30-40lbs. This is normal but at the same time, it can cause problems with posture, creating a knock-on effect on muscles, nerves and mobility of joints. Volume of blood also increases in pregnant women by up to 50% and this can lead to swollen ankles and wrists. Pregnancy can put a strain on the expectant mother resulting in stress, aches and pains. Don’t wait until you are in pain. Regular massage sessions will make your journey smoother and more enjoyable.


Massage helps helping her to relax, releasing vital “feel good” hormones to reduces stress and pain. Massage also improves circulation and helps the body eliminate waste, supports the body during changes and helps prepare the whole body for birth. As the unborn baby can also be affected by the stress levels experienced by the mother, the baby is also relaxed as a result of the mother releasing oxytocin and prolactin as her skin is stimulated during the massage.


Akwaabatherapy is qualified to provide you with a pregnancy massage and here to take you through this relaxing journey. A relaxed mother equals a relaxed pregnancy equalling a likely relaxed birth.

You will be treated lying on your side, sitting up in comfortable positions, leaning against a wall if that’s a preference or on all fours. Your treatment will be designed to provide you with comfort whilst providing you with gentle but deep massage strokes to ease those aches and pains.


Please note that the pregnancy massage is suitable from 16 weeks to full term. So if you are in your first trimester, just hang in there tight. Your therapeutic touch is not far off.

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